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Hair Removal Salon and Electrolysis Services in Marysville, Washington

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Permanent Hair Removal

The purpose of electrolysis is to help people improve their physical appearance and self-esteem through permanent hair removal for both women and men.

Are You Using Temporary Methods?

  • Shaving - Shaving makes hair appear darker and coarser. It is the most widely used method of removal.
  • Waxing - This method results in heavier regrowth, frequent ingrown hairs, and possible damage to the skin.
  • Creams - Harsh chemicals burn skin and sensitive skin can have allergic reactions causing breakouts and damaging skin.
  • Tweezing - Can lead to ingrown hairs and plucked skin.
  • Laser - Can be expensive and it is not always completely permanent for all skin and hair types.
Electrolysis is the only type of permanent hair removal that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and recognized by the American Medical Association.